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Florence Medici's Mile: walking along the path of the Medici Residences

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From € 29.00
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  • Enjoy all Florence's Top Attractions with a complete and relaxing Guided Walk
  • From April to October: Monolingual Guided Visit
  • Find out the History, Secrets and Anecdotes regarding the celebrated Medici Dynasty!
  • Discover the City's most beautiful Churches, Palaces, Streets and Squares
  • Learn about Italian History, Art, Curiosities and Anecdotes from a passionate local Guide
  • You can enlarge your experience chosing the option including a 3 course Lunch in a typical Tuscan restaurant
From: € 29.00
Duration: 2 hours Approx.
Start Time: 10:45am
Season: All the year round

This fascinating walk winds along an enchanting itinerary of a mile, which crosses for the whole duration a UNESCO World Heritage area: a mile with the highest concentration in the world of wonderful monuments and open-air works of art! Led by a professional local guide, it will be possible to discover the most important sights of the city, retracing the fascinating history of the Medici dynasty, the family which put its power and wealth at the service of the patronage and art, laying so the foundations of Renaissance. You will learn stories and anecdotes of intrigues, power struggles, secrets and betrayals, but also tales of incredible foresight, which made possible to leave to the city and to the whole world, a priceless artistic and cultural heritage. You will be able to admire the palaces, the monuments, the streets and the squares where the members of the Medici family lived and used their political and economic power over the city. You will walk along the same narrow streets where they walked, touch the stones used to build their residences and see the same monuments that they were used to see every day: Palazzo Medici Riccardi, their first residence in San Lorenzo district, where you can find as well their Church and mausoleum: Medici Chapels. A few steps away you will reach then, the magnificent Cathedral, with its imposing Brunelleschi’s Dome and the stunning Palazzo Vecchio, their second residence, which dominates the marvelous Piazza della Signoria. Further on you will follow from the outside the whole path of the Vasari Corridor, the spectacular elevated passageway which connects the two banks of the river Arno, passing along the enchanting Ponte Vecchio and crossing houses and Santa Felicita Church: a secret and comfortable corridor used by the Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany, to move between the Palazzo Pitti, their third residence, and their offices located inside the Palazzo Vecchio, without being seen by the citizens. The majestic Pitti Palace, which hides the marvelous Boboli Gardens, is the last Florentine residence of the Medici and is also the last stage of your incredible journey into the art and history of a city unique in the world.

  • Multilingual Assistance at the Meeting Point
  • 2 hours of Guided visit with an Expert Local Guide
  • From April to October: Monolingual Guided Visit

4.7 3 Reviews

Learned many things I did not know
Dorothy Gorith, 02/2020
Have been to Florence many times but this tour reveals many hidden secrets about the Medici’s and hidden historical sites!
Visita perfetta
Alessia Russo, 01/2019
Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di incontrare una guida competente, coinvolgente e sicuramente innamorata della sua città. È riuscito a farci apprezzare ancora di più le bellezze di Firenze e l'incontro è stato magnifico anche per le mie bimbe. Molto gentile anche il personale dell'agenzia.
Audrey Cluzet, 02/2019
Excellent, rien à ajouter. Nous avions peur d'un grand groupe, nous fumes seulement 4 personnes et nous craignions des explications trés détaillées, souvent inutiles et que l'on oublie rapidement. Notre guide est allé à l'essentiel, tout en répondant à toute nos questions: parfait.
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