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Pisa Guided Walking Tour: Miracoli Square and its amazing Monuments

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From € 18.00
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  • Enjoy a Guided Tour of Piazza dei Miracoli and its famous Monuments
  • Discover all the Secrets of the famous Leaning Tower
  • Visit Miracoli Square through a comprehensive guided Walking Tour
From: € 18.00
Duration: 1 hour Approx.
Start Time: 3.15 pm
Season: From April to October

A professional Guided Walking Tour will take you to the Piazza dei Miracoli, where your informative guide will lead you on a thorough guided walking tour of Piazza dei Miracoli and its monuments which are called “miracles” because of their incredible beauty and uniqueness. You will be dazzled by this marvelous square which is dominated by the Cathedral(*) where you will visit the indoor part a model of the distinctive Pisa Romanesque architecture, the celebrated Leaning Tower, the round-shaped Baptistery surrounded  by its suggestive columned arcades and its “Camposanto”, originally a cemetery, an extraordinary quadrangular cloister, delimiting with its marble façade the Square to the North. The commentary of our guide will be particularly focused on the Leaning Tower one of the wonders of the world. You will be enthralled by the history and the leaning structure of the Tower which stirs the imagination of all visitors. 

(*)In case of long queue, if you cannot visit the interior of the Cathedral, you will be offered a guided visit of Piazza dei Cavalieri.


  • Caf Tour Staff Assistance at the Meeting Point
  • Local professional Guide
  • Earphones from the beginning of the Tour for groups of more than 4 pax
  • Cathedral admission
  • If Option Selected: Leaning Tower entrance ticket

* Hotel Pick-Up/Drop-Off
* Transportation
* Optional Gratuities

  • We suggest to wear comfortable shoes
  • Appropriate clothing is recommended to visit places of worship
  • If option selected: The Leaning Tower rules and regulation The visit lasts about 30 minutes - no extension is allowed. Children under the age of 8 will not be admitted under any circumstances. Children between 8 and 12 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult and held by the hand at all times. Teenagers between 12 and 18 years of age are allowed on the Tower only if accompanied by a responsible adult. Visiting the Tower requires a considerable amount of fisical effort. Please consider that the spiral staircase has about as many as 300 steps. It is strongly recommended that people with heart disorders or individuals suffering from impaired health conditions do not visit the Tower



4.5 2 Reviews

Pisa è sempre Pisa
Mirka Santoro, 06/2014
Pisa è sempre Pisa! Avevo avuto la fortuna di visitare questo gioiello durante una gita scolastica, quindi diversi anni fa. Ho deciso di tornarci per portarci la mia famiglia. Una passeggiata piacevole, con una guida capace e simpatica. L'interno della Cattedrale merita. La Torre è ancora lì, imponente e unica.
Brilliant guide
Debbie Hunt, 07/2015
I joined this walking tour by myself, when I was in Tuscany. The guide was very nice and brilliant, the Cathedral is amazing and all is well organized.
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